Monday, 4 July 2011

Regular Posting To Resume Soon, Until Then Here's Something To Be Pissed Off About.

Still quite busy, regular posting should resume sometime next week. But, I couldn't pass up the chance to comment on this. It's not much of an article, but to sum it up Mr. Kyle Richards of Detroit Michigan seems to feel that while he's in jail for bank robbery, he should be allowed his fill of pornography. Being denied said pornography constitutes a "poor standard of living". He feels he is being subjected to "sexual and sensory deprivation." Huh.

Do I even really need to go on a rant about this? Is it even fucking necessary?!?! He's in jail for bank robbery! Jail is not a free-fucking-ride-pleasure-fucking-cruise, first of all! You don't get what you want in jail! If I was in jail, I wouldn't lament the lack of foie gras, truffles and caviar on the dinner menu, saying that anything less than five-star meals constitutes a poor standard of living or culinary deprivation! Next, I will again state that pornography is violent slavery and depictions of dead and soon-to-be-dead women, posed and violated and raped and beaten and killed against their will. It should be stamped out completely, not distributed willy-nilly to prisoners! And, as a matter of fact, I believe that  pornographic material is ruled on a jail to jail basis, as there are still some prisons that hire prostitutes for inmates to rape over the holidays, so that they're not too lonely or whatever garbage excuse wardens come up with to justify the abuse of women by the inmates they're charged with keeping. Part of the problem is that it's men who are the prison executives and wardens, in charge of the institutions that house other men. It's a rape culture mobius strip, as most industries are in todays' society, that just perpetuates hatred of women in all levels of its' being. If prisons are distributing pornography and hiring prostitutes for inmates (and presumably prison staff as well) then how are women employed at said prisons supposed to be safe? Women employed as medical staff or guards (I'm not sure if women are allowed to be guards at male prisons, but if they are this only heightens the danger that they already face) are seen by the inmates and their male co-workers as sub-human due to this material and these practices. It's fucked up. I don't even know how this can be allowed to go on. Prisons are supposed to rehabilitate prisoners. Instilling in them an intrinsic hatred of women seems to go against at least my definition of rehabilitation.

And then there's the P.O.V. sidebar on the story. The CBC likes to run these, wondering what we think about certain issues. "Should prisons accommodate individual inmates' needs?" it asks, linking to this related story and poll. 65.26% of voters say no, but I think that the whole survey is garbage. An individual prisoners' need might be braille. It might be a nut-free meal. It might be a wheelchair ramp.


There is a difference between the needs of an individual prisoner as an individual human being to accommodate his/her basic human needs and the wants of some fucking pervert that will most certainly prove detrimental to his own rehabilitation and dangerous to the public at large. This should not even be a debate. This man shouldn't be deprived of pornography because he's in jail for bank robbery. He should be denied pornography because it's murder on paper, dehumanization between covers, stapled slavery. He should be denied pornography because pornography denies the rights of half the fucking planet. Despite my best efforts, I may not be able to get pornography out of the corner store, off my T.V. and away from my internets, but I sure as shit don't think it belongs in prisons of all places. This kind of "freedom of speech" bullshit by dudes is going too far now. The damage being done is becoming irreversible and generations deep. Those are generations yet to come I'm speaking of. Pornography and the damage it does needs to be stopped now. Perhaps prisons are the place to start.  

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