Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Time For The Controversial 'Canadian' Post

I hate hockey. I really fucking do. I hate it so much. I hope the Stanley Cup never makes it back to Canadian soil. I hate the fact that I even know what the Stanley Cup is. I hate how much attention these spoiled-brat players get when there are important issues people should be caring about. I hate how much money they make when women's shelters are without beds and Planned Parenthood is defunded. And I hate how these murderous rapist-batterer asshole sports figures get away with murder and rape and battery. And I really hate that the majority of sports fans will defend their idols, blame the victims and generally act like a rape and battery apologia army. The ones who emulate the behavior of their heroes are the absolute worst.

I know it's a fact that domestic abuse rates rise during sports finals. And since I can't seem to get any real Canadian news since the hockey finals won't ever fucking finish, I thought I'd write about that. So, I went a-looking for information. Here's the first piece I found about it. If you want, I'll save you the trouble. It's a fairly minimizing piece that completely ignores the human aspect of abuse victims, merely focusing on what factors may make men beat their wives if their teams loses. But only if they weren't expecting their team to lose, apparently. Whatever. And while the article claims to be about hockey-related violence, the information is culled from a study on football. I know, tomato - tomahto, but still. I was looking for something that really illustrates how shitty our national passtime is for women.

The next piece I found was slightly better, but still leaves me wanting for some really radical analysis. The author still 'loves hockey', just wishes it wasn't so darn sexist and that ladies could be allowed to play professionally and oh, if you guys could stop that abuse stuff, that'd be grand. My question now seems to be, why are people so afraid to slam sports? I fucking hate sports, all professional sports. They're gross. But especially, ESPECIALLY hockey. It's such a brainwashing, nationalistic tool used to enslave the weak-minded, like Tim Hortons and whatever else we're "supposed" to be proud of as Canadians, I dunno... the fact that we love cold weather, even though everybody fucking complains about it?

The fact is that the information is made difficult to find, and I believe that's on purpose. Here's a study from fucking 2006 on football again, if you can wade through all the pages to find what you're looking for. It seems to be common knowledge that domestic abuse rates rise during sporting playoffs, but finding the actual numbers to prove that is nigh-impossible. This can't be a coincidence. I believe that there are deliberate cover-ups going on. Since the common knowledge can't be erased, the actual statistics are being hidden from the public. People know, but they're not allowed to know, to know in such a way that action can be taken. Men wouldn't want that, not their precious 'big games', their playoffs and finals and whatnot. All that can be found are vague connections to football losses equaling increases in domestic violence. Hockey, however seems to be protected at a degree much higher.

But, I remember this, even if the Canadian news sites don't. Every link I could find to this story was from an American source. What does that say to you, when a man kills his wife because she was asking him to come to bed during the hockey game, then burns their house down to cover it up and the Canadian media buries the fucking story? It says to me that our 'national passtime', our precious little game is worth more than a woman's life. Hockey is more important than human life in the eyes of our media. That is disgusting. Hockey is revered, granted an immunity in this country that nothing deserves. Hockey, it's fans and players and executives should be held accountable for every injustice, every incidence of rape and violence, every death that they've caused. The United States can keep the damn cup. I'll take social reform, if it's even fucking possible.

In closing, I hope the Vancouver Canucks choke. Figuratively and literally. I hope hockey can one day be an embarrassing memory in human history. And all you jerks in Vancouver with your painted faces and stupid jerseys? Get a life, read about what's really going on in this country. There's more to life than hockey, if you're interested. Turing off the game might just turn on your humanity, although I'm starting to wonder if hockey fans have any to begin with. 

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