Thursday, 16 June 2011

Who I Hate #3...... And More....

Before I get into this edition of the always funny, always lazy Who I Hate series, I'd just like to say that the rioting in Vancouver over the loss of a fucking game is both disgusting and saddening. What's equally saddening is that it probably would've happened if the hometown team had won, too. I think it's also funny that so many folks are calling the rioters "not real Canucks fans", tying into what I said yesterday about this country's need to protect the sacred institution of hockey at all costs. What, it's so unfathomable that the rowdy violent men outside that idolize the rowdy violent men inside would react this way? Give me a fucking break. Any team that has a fan base that reacts in such a way after a loss or a win should have their funding cut immediately. That'll fucking teach the unruly masses. Probably.

And now, onto today's edition of Who I Hate.

Who do I hate?

Frank Miller

I'm a misogynist, racist douchebag! I write pretend stories! This is my poopy face!
Yup, Frank Miller. The jerk responsible for shite like Sin City, 300, and making Batman worse than anyone ever thought possible. He hates women, only ever writing them as prostitutes, rape victims, strippers or dead. He is a racist as well, coming up with a character I just learned about called Bruno, a henchwoman of the Joker. I won't link to any image of this character, suffice to say she is typical of Millers' portrayal of women in comics, but she's a Nazi, too. Absolutely disgusting. In an excerpt from his Wikipedia page:

"Some of Miller's works have been accused of lacking humanity, particularly in regard to the abundance of prostitutes portrayed in Sin City."
Ain't that an understatement. Miller is the worst in an already terrible industry, the comic book industry, churning out unregulated penciled pornography that anyone of any age can buy. People read this shit on the bus, no matter who's around and it's fucking disgusting. If comic books and the movies and shows based on them are going to be this misogynistic and porny, then they should have ratings and kids should have to be of a certain age to buy them. And, like actual porn, you shouldn't be able to read them in public, not that that's ever stopped dudes before. I'm embarrassed to say that as a youngster, I was quite the comic book fan. I wish someone would've stepped in and set me straight back then. I can see that the medium was never a good one in terms of portraying women and minorities, but the degree to which it's sunk surprises even me. Frank Miller, fuck you so very, very much.

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