Monday, 30 April 2012

As If I Didn't Already Have To Barf

Just a quick update here, folks. It seems my nemesis, one Steven Tyler, has hit the absolute bottom of the barrel and is now doing super shitty Burger King commercials. Burger King prides itself on producing increasingly sexist and disturbing ad campaigns aimed at the slacker male 14-35 demographic, so Tylers' involvement is no surprise to me. But, seriously Burger King, if you really wanna sell food to people, don't make me look at the twisted, puppet like wrinkled visage of this old, tired, child-molesting rapist. It turns the stomach just as badly as most of your other ads. I would sooner eat my own intestines out of my body then give one dime to Burger King, but involving Tyler just makes me wanna wretch. Don't give these fuckers your money. They hate women. They hate women more than most other fast food chains do. Fuck Burger King and Fuck Steven Tyler. I'm gonna go eat some delicious raw vegan ice cream just to wash the taste of this horror outta my mouth. See you all soon!

P.S. I'm not posting a link to the commercial. If you're really that desperate to see it, go Google yourself a bad time.

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