Friday, 6 May 2011

Has It Been Four Years Yet?

Well, Stephen Harper hasn't given me as much to work with as I thought he would after winning a majority. The pundits seem to think he'll stick close to the center for a while. I guess that's good news, and other than keeping Parliament closed for two more weeks and stacking the senate a bit more, things seem quiet on the political front. Let me be clear: I DON'T FUCKING TRUST IT. The CBC shat out this piece of nothing today, both to placate worried left-wingers like me, and to mask the real reason I believe that the Conservatives won the majority. In a word, hate. The climate of this country is shifting, ever faster towards a climate of hate. The more multicultural we become, the more racism I see. The more women advance and fight back for basic human rights, the more misogyny I see. The more Canada takes in immigrants for the sole purpose of having more taxpayers and consumers, without having the jobs for an increased population, I see more xenophobia. Gay marriage = more homophobia. This Conservative party, the one that tried to sneak so many dehumanizing bills under the table, now no longer has to. They have the Commons. They have the Senate. And I believe that the shit will positively cover the fan when Parliament reopens. I think I'm going crazy from the waiting, the anticipation of bad things to come, but they most assuredly will.

I'd like to apologize for criticizing some of the new NDP MPs in an earlier post. It seems I was jumping on a bandwagon that I really didn't want to be on. It was shitty, elitist and even sexist of me to assume anything about these people, due to the facts that I don't know them, haven't yet seen what they can bring to the table and didn't check all sources, merely jumped to a conclusion. I wholeheartedly apologize and will never make such a mistake or blanket statement again. These new MPs have enough to deal with right now, they don't need to add one more shithead blogger to the pile. Thank you to those that pointed out my mistake.

I started reading The Alphabet Versus The Goddess by Leonard Shlain yesterday. So far, it's an interesting read, but I'll save opinions for completion. If anyone's read the book and wants to put in their two cents, or has any other recommendations, by all means, let me know what's good.

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