Thursday, 26 May 2011

Probably The Worst Thing Ever

TW for pedophilia, rape culture,

Now, no one I know had ever accused Facebook of being good for anything. I used to be on the Facebook, but my profile has been deleted (not simply de-activated, like they'd prefer, what a trial that was) for a long time now. There was always lots of shitty, questionable stuff floating around Facebook, and it was just an all-around ruiner of lives. But this, THIS defies my even my low expectations. Two unnamed young men in B.C. (ages also withheld, but they're in their early fucking twenties) created a sort of pedophiles' bible on Facebook, teaching other would-be rapists the best 'tips 'n' tricks' to trick girls as young as THIRTEEN into having sex with them.Even tips on what to do and say if you get caught by the girls' parents.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Now think about the fact that while the page has been taken down, no criminal charges are being laid against the creators. They made a how-to guide for the budding pedophile, but they're not being charged with anything, and they won't be unless someone out there commits an offense based on the sites' content, which is no longer there for cross-referencing in court, thank you very much. And since these perverts put a disclaimer on their rape-guide and kept in within "legal bounds", whatever the fuck that means, no charges against them were laid, and their names stay withheld. The RCMP is doing absolutely nothing, not even slapping them on the wrist. These pedophiles are getting off with barely a warning. This makes me sick.

And, of course, once again the onus is being put on girls to protect themselves and parents to keep their kids safe. City councillor Deb MacIntosh said it's ultimately the responsibility of parents to inform their children about potential social dangers and to monitor their online activity. Huh. Right. She then goes on to say:

"You don't have to be one of those militant parents who check on everything, but know who they're talking to," she said.

Once again, nothing to men out there about not raping children, not using alcohol and trickery to coerce young women and girls into sex acts, nothing about taking no as an answer and respecting the autonomy of women and girls, nothing about not being a goddamn fucking pedophile piece of shit. Where is the responsibility of men? They get a slap on the wrist and a few cursory remarks about people being "so shocked and ashamed." of this behavior. Oh bullshit. Men love to ignore and traipse around that pesky statutory rape law all the time. There has got to be a study on why pedophilia is not only on the rise, but it's becoming more and more acceptable to mainstream culture. You can bet that pornography is linked to it. There you go scientists, I've already got the ball rolling for you.

Getting back to Facebook for a minute, I think it's about time that the whole site got shut down for a while and re-worked. How many media stories have you heard about the dangers and evils of Facebook? What good has it ever done for anyone? Facebook at best only causes paranoia and heartache in those that use it, and is a tool for sexual predators, rapists and pedophiles at worst, and there's not too many degrees on that spectrum. I'm not saying that all social media is bad, but what the fuck? Somebody has to be policing what goes on and is put up as public content better than what's happening now. This is disgraceful behavior by disgusting human trash. Anyone who writes a rape handbook should be jailed as though they've not only committed the crimes they've written about (which they probably have, why is no one looking into that?), but also because they are inciting others to commit those crimes too, regardless of whether or not anyone is in fact influenced by the material they've written. The potential for influence is there. The means are there. The information is there now, thanks to these perverts. They should rot. But, thanks to our laws protecting men, we'll never even know their names. I fear for the women and girls that have and will encounter these predator monsters.

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