Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rumblings, Post-Election

I'm trying to remain optimistic. I keep hearing about the inexperience of the new NDP caucus, by and large in Quebec. It almost seems as though the party was slapped together at the last minute, and some representatives weren't even expected to win... but they did. Ruth Ellen Brosseau is fast becoming the bull's eye of media and public opinion scorn. A nineteen year old bartender who spent a portion of the campaign on vacation in Las Vegas, who speaks French so atrocious they won't even air the over-the-phone interview that was conducted with her, who has possibly never even been to the riding she was elected in. That doesn't look good. People are also nervous about the fact that four other MPs are currently attending or recently graduated from McGill University. I'm not in any way implying that young people are not fit for government duties. But I am worried about the Conservative majority preying on the youth and inexperience of the Loyal Opposition. It raises questions I don't even want to have to ask. That meeting Jack Layton had with Stephen Harper just before the budget was released, just before the non-confidence vote, what really took place there? I'm starting to believe some kind of deal was cut. The Liberals are out of the way now, possibly for years, and the BQ is on the verge of disappearing altogether. Did Jack Layton sell us out to become the official opposition, only to make that opposition so weak it can barely oppose at all? I shouldn't be judging the abilities of these new MPs before the even sit in the House, but I'm nervous. I've had an unshakable feeling of dread in my spine since the majority was announced. I have stated before I am scared of the direction this country is poised to take. I am scared for people who are not white, who are not male, who are not cisgendered, who are not christian. Even more so than before, I am scared. I sincerely hope that my fears can be at least somewhat placated when the dust settles and the House reopens. But I'm not confident.

P.S. As a quick aside, this was the "Funny Quote of the Day" in my Gmail inbox this morning: "Bachelors have consciences, married men have wives." Barf. Fail. Fuck you, Samuel Johnson.

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