Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sass. Nimbostratus Style.

Hey, sorry about the absences again. There was a lot of heavy real-world type stuff going on. But, I'm back And so, hopefully are you. So, let's get right down to it, in a lighthearted welcome back post.

PM Harper 'surprise guest' at Toronto Mayor Ford's BBQ

I know, right? Big surprise that Herr Harper pals around with weapons-level grade douchefuck Rob Ford. Mayor Rob, who hates the gays, women drivers and libraries, is just the kind of right-wing fucktard that Stephen Harper would hang out with on the weekends, sipping Coronas, discussing the latest episode of Michael Coren (another huge white supremacist, christian, sexist doucher) fondly, while watching the sun go down and the illegal immigrant slaves work.

People HATE Rob Ford. He's polarizing. Unless you picket abortion clinics, you're probably on the side of those who dislike him. I know I am. So's Margaret Atwood. And if that fact doesn't faze you, nothing will. (Point of fact, Margaret is mostly battling with Robs' brother Doug Ford, a Toronto City Councillor. Wheeeee, nepotism!)

It's just douchebag white dudes supporting other douchebag white dudes, all for the benefit of, you guessed it, more douchebag white dudes. This is nothing new. It's just so blatant now, that it turns the ol' stomach worse than ever. What else can I even say about our shitty Conservative government that I haven't said before? *sigh* Perhaps my assistant can add something to the proceedings? Sagat?


Thanks, handsome. Anyways, the point is that things can't get better in a vacuum. If we want Rob Ford outta Toronto, we've gotta get Herr Harper out of Parliament. The next election is a ways off, of course, but it's time to get organized. Protests, rallies, telling everyone and anyone who'll listen what the Conservative agenda really is (make life good for white, Christian men only) and doing our best to put a stop to it. I don't want to see what'll happen if the Conservatives are left to run amok for too long. If this keeps up, Rob Ford might be our next Prime Minister, instead of an embarrassing memory for Toronto. My condolences to everyone living in the city right now.

P.S. Sun Media Network sucks. Just in case you forgot.


  1. Rob Ford is a total douche. I'm not shocked to hear of their bro-bq

  2. "Get thee to a library, or you will wind up in the same doughnut shop as Rob Ford. And he WILL eat your doughnut, too."

    Hehe,that's quote from a favourite prof. of mine and I just thought I'd like to share since you mentioned that buffoon Rob Ford.

    But yeah, it's nice to see you back! And by the way, it took a long time but I'm finally done writing the post that you [unintentionally] gave me an idea to do! It's posted on my secondary blog and the entry can be found here:

    And don't worry fellow Canadian, we'll make it through this CONservative hell... somehow... hopefully!