Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Four R's: Readin', Ritin', 'Rithmatic and Ridiculous Pro-Life Garbage.

Hey, just quick, really, right quick: When did shit in Manitoba get all fucked up beyond belief? Some jackpipe elementary school principal wants to give credits to students who attend pro-life rallies?

Well... I just... I mean... fuck.... so, if you.... and then you get a..... so..... and nobody thinks that this is....

Aw, fuck. I'm too tired for this kinda shit today. The intersection of pro-life and Christianity (particularly Catholicism) always turns into a four-way stop of doom for womens' rights to choice. And now, besides the pro-life stance being taught in Catholic schools, students are getting fucking rewarded for shitting on the autonomy of women all over the country. Well, fuck that noise. That's a load of goddamn golden calf shit and everyone knows it. I'm all for students having to do community service for high school credits, but a pro-life rally doesn't service the community. Not all members of it, anyways. This is getting really fucking scary. More on this as it develops. But for now, lazy.

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