Monday, 24 October 2011

Inquiry Update

The inquiry into police procedures concerning the disappearance of forty-nine Vancouver women from the Downtown Eastside and their subsequent deaths at the hands of Robert Pickton continues today. I'll be keeping semi-regular tabs on the inquiry as it develops. The latest news is that the families of several victims will taking the stand to present their testimonies and deliver impact statements and the like in the coming hours and days. Perhaps the courts will be inclined to take greater action and have a closer look at police procedure upon hearing these testimonies. As I've stated before, it is in opinion at the very least that these women were allowed to go missing in such numbers due to not only the fact that they were prostituted women, but also that the majority of them were First Nations/Aboriginals. The police routinely treat women fitting this description from the Downtown Eastside with a disdain and callousness that brings their (the police officers') very humanity into severe doubt. More on this story as it develops.

I'd also like to provide a link to the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry website for those that are interested. This is the Commission that is spearheading this inquiry, and hopefully will inspire many other such necessary inquiries into the various police forces across this nation.

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