Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Inquiry Update 2

Here's a surprising fact: Robert Pickton was the Vancouver Police Forces' top suspect during his rape and killing spree. But, while the police were sure that Pickton was committing the crimes he was, in fact, committing, they felt he was "out of their jurisdiction". It seems that the farm Pickton occupied and took the women to, before he and his associates raped and murdered them is in Port Coquitlam, which is RCMP territory. Nevermind that the Vancouver police had numerous credible tips and eyewitness accounts, that farm just wasn't in their jurisdiction. So, what did they do? Well, they instead chose to pursue other potential suspects who resided in their jurisdiction... for four fucking years. That's right. Pickton topped the suspect list of the Vancouver PD in goddamn 1998!

What the fuck?!

The Vancouver Police are pointing the finger at the RCMP. The RCMP are pointing right back at the VCPD. Who the fuck is to blame here? Well, the Vancouver Police have a long and storied history of unwarrented violence, especially against homeless or impoverished women, which is what most if not all of the prostituted women that Pickton killed were. As for the RCMP, don't they care enough about prostituted women in danger to nab a suspected killer in due time? Oh, that's right, the RCMP hates women, too. So, to recap, that's two separate police forces, all not giving a shit about women disappearing off the streets, for their own special reasons. But, it goes even deeper than that, because once again, patriarchal society is to blame. When you grow up and live in a world that not only looks down on women as a whole, but looks down on some women even more because of what they do to survive, without even taking into account the circumstances that may have forced these women into this horrible, nightmarish lifestyle, then it becomes plain to see that prostituted women are doomed from the start. Even if they're not murdered, or contract a deadly disease, or overdose on drugs to escape the pain of life.

I want to point out that the term should be "prostituted women" instead of "sex workers" because the latter denotes some type of choice. The former shows that women are always, in one way or another, forced into sexual slavery at the hands of men. I'm so sick of hearing the "but some women choose to do it!" argument, because even if it is true, even if somewhere out there is one self-employed prostitute who has nothing but wonderful things to say about her job while she sits in her mansion and drives a Ferrari (which is how the story usually goes, just ask a dude), that doesn't make up for the billions upon billions that are forced into sexual slavery against their will.

But, I digress. I guess what I was trying to say is that police hate prostituted women. Police look down on victims, on the people that they're supposed to protect. Prostituted women go missing by the truckload, but instead of going to catch the guy who's taking the women, the police squabble about who's in charge of the jurisdiction that the murderer resides in, not wanting to step on anyone's toes, of course. And the squabble goes on for fucking years. And what does the rapist-murderer do while no one is busy arresting him? Well, he kills forty-nine women, that's what he does. Forty-nine women that could have been saved, but the police decided that fucking jurisdiction trumps human life. How's that for a message to 51% of the countries' population? That's right, if you're already unlucky enough to be forced into prostitution, you'd better get raped and killed in the same town or county where that fucking john picked you up, or no one's ever gonna come looking for you. Or, evidently, for him, sayeth the VCPD and B.C. RCMP. No, but once the body count passes the magic number, once the stack of missing women posters just can't be ignored anymore, then maybe they'll get their shit together and catch the guy they knew was doing it all along.

To Serve And Protect.

Whatever, dudes.  

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