Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yet Another Example Of Why Most Everybody Sucks

I've stated before that I usually don't write about U.S. politics, due to my lack of knowledge about differences between Canadian/U.S. legal and electoral systems. However, here's something I think I have a grasp well enough on to make some snide remarks. Here goes:

Hey, has anyone here heard of Herman Cain?

Yup, I'm talking about THAT Herman Cain. Republican presidential candidate and full-time rapist Herman Cain. Misogynist extraordinaire Herman Cain. First ever "Second Black President" Herman Cain. You know the dude. He's been in the news a bit lately. Seems over the years ol' Herman raped a woman or twelve. Oh, excuse me, sexually assaulted. That's what they're calling it, right? No, oh sorry, sexually harassed. 'Cuz... he didn't... or the rules are... or something. Anyways, there's a big thirteen year extramarital affair hanging over his head now, too. Hoo-wee! Herman, he sure loves the ladeez, amirite? However, one would think hope that due to all these fairly blatant crimes he's committed against women, his approval rating would be falling faster than R.I.M. shares (zing!). But, you'd be wrong. Because Herman Cain is claiming a "groundswell" of support in the face of these many, many accusations against his character. Yes, a groundswell. Whatever the fuck that is. This guy gropes women left, right and center and has been cheating on his wife with a steady mistress for thirteen years and people still fucking love him! What the fucking fuck?

It's so damn depressing sometimes, because if Herman Cain had been a female candidate (especially a democrat, you better believe it) people would be hanging him (her?) out to dry. To be fair, I suppose his approval rating has actually dropped some since all these stories started breaking, but not nearly enough. And he continues his campaign! He believes that he's done nothing wrong! He still thinks he can be president! What the hell? I heard he even tried to head off this affair business by saying something along the lines of "I won't say who, but someone is going to come forward and say something nasty about me. So don't believe it." What are we here, five? "Mom, Dad, you might hear some things about me and your broken lamp in the next little while. Now, I'm not gonna say who from, but I'm here to tell you, whatever you hear, don't believe it." Uh-huh. Nothing inspires trust like asking for blind faith in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence. Well, it works for Jesus, I guess.

The thing that really sucks, though, is that people still support Herman Cain. People (mostly dudes, duh) are so quick to accuse the victims of Cains' attacks (and that's what they were, attacks, make no mistake) of grubbing for the camera, looking for their fifteen minutes, trying to get rich quick, all while ignoring the fact that no woman has ever gotten rich or famous (infamous, maybe, to dudely dudes) in this way. Herman Cain is a misogynist, therefore he has the support of all other misogynists. There's a code, a bro code amongst woman-haters. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if some dudes started to like Cain because of all the accusations. And that's just so fucking scary I can barely deal with it. The more you hate women, the more dudes like you. What the fuck kind of society is this? How can anyone look you in the eye and tell you that it's not an oppressive, misogynist fucking patriarchal empire while looking at the smug-ass grin on Herman Cains' oh-so-guilty-but-getting-away-with-it face? Cain says these allegations are just a smear campaign cooked up by his competitors to attack his character, reputation and name, but he doesn't "believe that America is going to let that happen."

Unfortunately, I think I agree with him on that.

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