Thursday, 19 May 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Harperland

Well, the cabinet shuffle didn't have many surprises in it, except that whole John Baird as foreign affairs minister move. Really? You want that putz as our representative to other countries? Are we talking about the same John Baird? The shouty, schoolyard bully who never lets anyone in the Commons get a word in edgewise, and steadfastly defends his Conservative cabinet mates, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they're guilty of one crime or another? I'll say it here and I'll probably say it again and again:


I mean, the guy just rubs me the wrong way. Every time I see him, every time I hear him speak. 

I'm John Baird! Grrrrrruffff! Ruff!

Hate that guy. In other moves, Tony Clement hits the Treasury Board. You know what they do? Mostly make cuts to civil service. Whooops! Wonder what's first on the chopping block. Most of the other cabinet big names stayed put. Peter McKay (who I don't like), Vic Toews (who I also don't like) and Jim Flaherty (three for three) all retain their positions. Rona Ambrose stays in charge of Public Works and Government Services, and when there's time she can still pretend to care about Status of Women.

But, that's not enough for Mr. Harper! If you didn't get re-elected, well then, it's off to the Senate for you! Three, count 'em, three defeated MP's just got appointed to the Senate by Harper, even though the public said through voting that we don't want them. Larry Smith, Fabian Manning and Josee Verner, all defeated, all returning to the Senate. Hmmm.... remember what I said about Harper stacking the deck in his own interests? Well, lookee here at what we have now. Things are getting worse. Good thing the world is ending on Saturday, or we might've been in a heap of trouble. Yup, the Lord is on his way, and I for one am sooooo sure he's coming. Say, do you think the Lord likes quiche? Maybe I'll bake a quiche.

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