Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oh Canada, I'm So Disappointed...

Well, there you have it. A Conservative majority government. I guess that's what I get for telling you all to go out and vote. And while I'm happy about the human-rights friendly NDP becoming the official opposition, the whole Harper majority thing sends chills up my spine. This man has no scruples and his sordid cabinet of characters, all of whom have their own scandals and skeletons to hide, will barely have to hide their contempt for anyone who's not white, male, christian and upper middle-class or better. Everyone who's got a conscience knows that Harper is a dictator, and now the doors are open wider than ever for him. I'm not saying he'll just do whatever he wants. I'll leave that to Greg Weston. But I am frightened. And I disagree with Mr. Weston on the point of Harper staying close to center. I don't think he has it in him. I believe he'll be emboldened by this victory and the cuts to womens' groups and programs will continue. I believe abortion will be placed back on the table, and we'll have our own war on roe here, just as is happening in the U.S. I believe that gay marriage will be re-opened and possibly reneged on. I just hope that with a strong New Democrat opposition, perhaps some of the coming tide of government-sponsored misogyny and homophobia can be abated. But, I'm not confident. I feel that dark days are ahead. I'm afraid for my partner. I'm afraid for me. I'm afraid for everyone I know. And with the Liberal and Bloc parties all but decimated, they'll be too busy rebuilding to be even the modicum of use they once were to concerned leftists such as myself. I had hoped for different. I suppose that's what I received. But I had also hoped for better. And on that, I feel cheated.

Oh, and congratulations to Elizabeth May in getting a seat in the House of Commons. I am truly glad your perseverance has paid off. I only wish that it had happened under much different circumstances.

Seriously..... what a putz.

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