Monday, 2 May 2011

Welcome To The Nimbostratus Parade!

Well, here we are. Here I am, anyways. There'll be no real direction in this first post, so bear with me as I find my feet. I'm starting this blog because I have opinions. Lots of them. And to most people, they're not popular opinions. I could give a shit, I assure you. Most people just love the status quo, and I get that. Me? No, I think there should be, must be a change, and soon. I believe in feminism, in social equality for both genders, all races and people of all sexual preferences. I believe that when people say "I'm not politically correct..." they mean "I'm a fucking bigot, and I'm gonna tell you why, even if you don't care...". I believe that the world is headed for a fuckton of trouble and I'm not sure if I can change any of that, but if I can get a few people to listen and stop being such goddamn fucking douchebags, well... it can't hurt, can it?

I used to be one of those douchebags I speak of. As a white, heterosexually identified male, I reveled in my privilege, of course all the while being ignorant that I had it. I was a bigot, a homophobe, a dudebro, a porn-addict. I was the person I'd hate most in the world now. I did a lot of damage and caused a lot of heartache, to say the very least about it. I'm trying to change, trying to atone, trying desperately to deal with the guilt of the pain I caused and trying ever so hard to make a positive difference in the world that I helped to fuck up for so many people. I think this blog is part of that. Bigots, Douchebros, Nice Guy TMs, and members of the conservative religious right will (most likely) not like what I have to say here. Toughie for you. You're welcome to debate, but keep it clean and constructive. No slurs, no name-calling, no fighting. Feminists and other socially conscious folks, please bear with me. I'm learning. If I make a mistake, or if I say something that offends, by all means bring it to my attention and I will rectify the problematic statement immediately. I only hope to improve.

The topics here will vary greatly, I'm sure, from politics (election day today Canadians, get out and vote!), to feminism in and out of the news, to the bullshit that is pop culture these days, to cooking (my favorite pastime), to whatever else strikes my lil' fancy. I hope I can entertain and educate along the way. So, with that I bid hello to any prospective readers and welcome you to join the Nimbostratus Parade! It's gonna be a heck of a journey, I assure you.

P.S. If anyone is wondering just what the fuck a Nimbostratus is, then learn yourself something! And if anyone is wondering why there's no nudey pictures here, then go fuck yourself.

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