Sunday, 8 May 2011

Oh Give Me A Break....

Hey! Hey everybody? You all remember that whole G20 thing, right? That thing that came after that G8 thing? Remember? It was a pretty big shitshow? C'mon you remember it. You know, about the whole government having secret powers thing, overstepping their boundaries, ordering the police to plant fake protesters in the crowds (anarchists indeed), arresting and beating hundreds maybe thousands of protestors, throwing them in jail, and sexually assaulting them, before saying "Whooops, you're all free to go."? Ah, jogged your memory, did I? Well, it's about to get stupider. Now there's a big ol' blame game going on. The Conservative government is blaming Dalton McGuinty for passing the 'secret police power law', saying that it fell under provincial jurisdiction. The Tories, with the support of the NDP are blaming the whole debacle on the Toronto Liberals. And while the NDP are demanding an inquiry into the whole matter, the Harpernauts are saying a public apology will suffice. Really? That's it? I mean, if you're so mad about this, why not stick those remaining Liberals to the wall? Well, for one, Dalton says it's not his fault. The orders to give police special and secret powers came from on high, from the PM himself, possibly. And therefore, no apology. He IS taking responsibility for issuing the order to the police, although he says his orders were misinterpreted. Is Dalton innocent? Oh no, no way. Do I believe that he thought this up all on his own and that the Prime Minister or his staff had no involvement whatsoever? No, not really. A secret police force with the power to arrest, detain, beat, rape and do whatever else they please to whomever they please sounds like it'd be right up Harpers' alley. I don't know if we'll ever get to the bottom of what happened in Toronto during the G20. But the victims have a right to know. The people have a right to know. We need to know who's protecting us and who's selling us out. Because if they did it once, they'll sure as shit do it again.

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