Monday, 9 May 2011

Quick Links

Man, there's a whole bunch of bullshit going on these days, my head is swimming, so I thought I'd post some links, and let the discussions go from there.

Public Servant Slams Response To Harassment

Hillary Clinton Removed From Iconic Photo

Harper Could Shape Supreme Court For Decades

All super good news, amirite? I'm real overtired today, so I apologize about this half-assed post. But, man, did you read these? If you didn't, go ahead, I'll still be here when you get back. There, now you're up to speed. First off, sexual harassment in the workplace is more commonplace than anyone really wants to admit. Actually, that pretty much goes for all threats women face these days, they go on more often than anyone wants to admit. I work in an industry where misogyny and racism is rampant, and I do my darndest to try to make the work environment better for everyone with varying degrees of success. But, I always (apparently misguidedly) believed that government jobs were a bit better, due to the stricter HR codes and harassment policies. Whoops, guess not! It looks like assholes are everywhere, although I'm not as surprised as I'm pretending to be. This poor lady was groped, advanced upon and then threatened until she was too afraid to go to work. And this guy gets to just continue his rise to the top of the office. I fucking hate this world.

The decision to photoshop women out of a picture, simply due to the fact that they are women, and that might excite your target audience is just beyond fucking comprehension to me. And people want to continue to argue that monotheistic religion doesn't subjugate women. Really. Huh. Not at all? Not even a little bit? Not even the part where you erase them from history so your menz won't get all distracted and having teh bad thoughtz? No, I guess not. Sorry about that.

And finally, my ol' pal Stephen Harper, doing what he does best. Stacking the deck in his own interests. Well, as long as the Supreme Court of Canada doesn't make decisions on anything too important. What? What's that you say? They make decisions on abortion law? On gay marriage? On prostitution law (five bucks say Johns get a free ride)? All of that stuff I've been saying that Stephen Harper hates more than getting a phone call during 100 Huntley Street? Oh, well then. That's a problem. But, not for the Conservative right, I guess.

Once again, apologies for the shodiness of this post. Better quality next time, I promise.

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