Monday, 23 May 2011

Still Here...

Well, after emerging from my rapture shelter to see if the rest of the world is still here (it is, hoorah.), I suppose it's once again time to get back to work. Guess the Lord missed the memo about the ol' End of the World. Now what'll I do with this quiche lorraine I baked? Lord, I'm very disappointed in you. I kind of feel a little sorry for those who spent their life savings in anticipation of the rapture and now have nothing, but not enough to move me on my stance that monotheistic religion, Christianity in particular, has bred a socially acceptable form of misogyny for centuries now that needs to be abolished if we're to move forward as a culture. Will that happen before the next rapture? Probably not.

TW: Rape, Misogyny, Violent Sexual Abuse, Anti-Semitism

How about that Lars von Trier? Isn't he a hoot? Now, I'm going to admit that before all of this anti-Semitic, misogynist garbage he spouted at Cannes, all I knew of him was that he wrote and directed Dancer In The Dark, which in my opinion is a great movie. It also has an absolutely killer soundtrack by Bjork, who stars in the movie, turning in a great performance alongside Peter Stormare and Catherine Deneuve. But I digress. Although I loved the movie, I heard that von Trier and Bjork didn't get along at all, which I found odd. I think I'm beginning to understand now.

I'm not going to speculate about his upbringing. I'm only going to focus on the jerk that von Trier seems to be now. All of his other movies, save Dancer in the Dark are rife with nudity and violence of the most disgusting kind. A recent film of his, titled Antichrist, contains some of the most graphic, disgusting scenes of what can only be described as torture pornography that I have ever heard of. I have not seen this movie, as I stated before, but just reading the description of some scenes in the parents' content advisory on IMDB made me want to vomit. Another previous film of his, entitled Dogville is apparently rife with rape scenes. This is cinema at its' absolute worst. All it seems to be is high budget pornography. Which I guess is unsurprising, due to the fact that he also produces movies which he intends to be pornography. I have never been so afraid of movies as I was researching the works of Lars von Trier.

So, it's with no great surprise now, armed with all of this knowledge that I review the comments that von Trier made at the Cannes film festival. His now infamous quote of:

"I found out I was actually a Nazi. My family were German. What can I say? I understand Hitler … I sympathize with him a bit.”

is the one that's ringing in most peoples' ears. But, since one kind of hatred breeds another, he's a misogynist AND an anti-Semite. He also made comments, widely ignored about his next film being a “three-to-four hours porn film with lots of uncomfortable sex scenes”. In addition to that, he called his co-workers 'pornstars' and 'hardcore'. The man is so disgusting and corrupt, and once again, since he's famous and makes pornography, people are willing to let him off the hook. His misogyny is buried in news stories that are only focusing on his anti-Semitism, as is the norm for woman-hatred in the news. I mean, just look at Mel Gibson if you need proof of that. I cannot contain my contempt for him as a human being or my contempt for the filth he creates and peddles as art. It boggles my mind how a man so sick, so perverted and disgusting, so absolutely fucking entrenched in misogyny and racism could ever have any part in a movie like Dancer in the Dark. He makes me sick. I'm calling on anyone, anyone reading this to please, PLEASE boycott all films and television shows that Lars von Trier is involved with. Cut him off at the knees. I beseech you, internet readers, let's take away the demand for this deviants' particular brand of pornography. Men like this shouldn't be applauded or celebrated. Men like von Trier should never be allowed to hold a camera again.

And for all you von Trier fans out there, if you're going to tell me something like I don't "get it" or I don't understand subtext or the men in his movies are also portrayed badly or some other line of Lars-defending-bullshit, save your fucking breath. I understand subtext just fine. And the subtext in his movies is saying that women are just orifices for men to use, the more violently, the better.  And that is a subtext that DOES NOT FUCKING SIT RIGHT WITH ME.

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