Monday, 6 June 2011

If You Say Freedom Of Speech One More Time...

Funny thing, this "Freedom of Speech" has become for us in the western world. It's a powerful statement, mostly baseless, meaning nothing to all, only something to those that utter or shout it from the rooftops, individual as a pretty lil' snowflake to each and every person that invokes its' sacred rights and protection.

Freedom of speech is the domain of white, heterosexual, God-fearing men for the most part, although at times it is loaned to white, heterosexual, God-fearing women that conform to the patriarchy(Kathy Shaidle, I'm looking at you); to white, homosexual males that conform to the patriarchy (Dan Savage, I'm looking at you); to white, heterosexual women who pretend to be homosexual for the approval of the patriarchy. But, it can just as easily be taken away from these people. Freedom of speech belongs to the free. If you are a member of an oppressed group, you are not free, therefore you do not have freedom of speech. Moreover, if you take offense to the freedom of speech expressed by a member of the ruling class, you are an enemy of free speech, a bigot of sorts, an OPPRESSOR. And it is within the freedom of speech of the ruling class to point this out to you.

Case in point (as if I need to cite a specific example for you) the case of one Jack Christie of Whitby, Ontario. Christie was suspended from his high school for creating and uploading to YouTube a series of racist and misogynistic cartoons. His punishment? A twenty day suspension from school, not including his final exams or his senior prom. A mere slap on the wrist. But, to this "caped crusader", even this laughable attempt at punishment is an attack of his right to freedom of speech. Even though in his videos he jokes about racial genocide and invading Sweden to take (and presumably rape) their women. But, hey, it's just a joke, right?

Pornography is freedom of speech. Snuff films are freedom of speech. Upskirting is freedom of speech. The racist/sexist stand up comedian is protected. The perverted cartoonist/comic book artist is protected. The political candidate who wishes to abolish abortion is protected as are the pundits who continuously berate the Human Rights Commission and "climate of political correctness" that we're all forced to live in.

If you are not of the ruling class, you do not have freedom of speech. If you do not have freedom of speech, you do not have a voice in the public arena. If you do not have a voice in the public arena you are silenced in the private arena. If you are silenced in the private arena, then you have no voice at all. And if you have no voice at all, you are not even considered to be human, and therefore unworthy of even the basic human rights. Rights like freedom of speech and protection from verbal and physical attacks made on you by the ruling class due to your status as an oppressed person.

The porn victim has no voice.

The prostitute has no voice.

The feminist has no voice, but fights for one every single day.

The native American/Canadian has no voice.

The people with skin that is not white have no voices, save for the ones given to them by their rulers.

But the most important thing in the western world is that freedom of speech is defended. Because without it, why then we'd all be oppressed. We'd all be mindless drones. We'd all be slaves. Because thanks to freedom of speech, only some of us are oppressed. Only some of us are mindless drones. Only some of us are slaves. Thanks to freedom of speech, as a member of the ruling class, you can say whatever the ruling class wants to hear, wherever, whenever and fuck those that aren't of the ruling class if they happen to be in earshot. You want to know what freedom of speech really is in Canada?

In Canada, you can berate a same sex couple for taking offense to your jokes at their expense. In Canada you can make racist cartoons for fun with no punishment. And in Canada I can get my ass kicked in any sports bar for daring to say that I hate hockey and I hope the Stanley Cup never returns to Canadian soil. And in Canada I can get told to shut up when I say abortions should be legal or that Planned Parenthood needs the funding that was stolen from it. And in Canada there's pornography everywhere and if I don't like it, that's my fucking problem, because apparently men need it and that's a right, too. And in Canada, the pundits for Sun Media get multiple platforms across multiple media to spew their opinions but I have to settle for screaming into the void here, because they don't want to hear what I have to say. That's my freedom of speech. For now.

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