Saturday, 4 June 2011

Taking A Page Out Of The Commons (Get It?) A.K.A. REVOLUTION!

Oh geez, oh Maude, how pissed was I that I couldn't be home yesterday to be the first to blog about this? Viva la revolution! Now this is what I'm talking about! The amount of planning and bravery of this protest is, as far as I know, on an unprecedented scale in Canada. Right there in the House of Commons! Sneaking a "Stop Harper" sign onto the floor! Disrupting the throne speech! Having a news release already prepared for distribution upon your almost certain impending removal from the House! Like WOW, man! This kid is a hero. You wanna see cool? Well, this is cool. Check this out if you haven't already seen it and couldn't be bothered to click on the link I so thoughtfully provided for you.

That takes guts. This (former) parliamentary page, Brigette DePape, is calling for a 'Canadian Spring', a series of movements of civil disobedience by the Canadian populace to rise up against our government and demand the changes we so obviously need. This kid realizes that Herr Harper's agenda is bad fucking news, and has the chutzpa to DO something about it. Well, I'm all for this. I hope she gets the wealth of support she deserves. The youth of this country do need to stand up and be heard. The Conservatives only got their majority due to the backwater ridings containing few voters that are die-hard bible-thumping conservatives out in the middle of the boonies. This government is NOT the one chosen by and large by Canadians. There are more small Conservative ridings with less people in them than can be countered by large left wing ridings that have triple the populace! The system is broken, and it takes brave individuals like DePape to get the ball rolling to fix it.

I get a kick out of dudes who are all distraught over this, saying crap about how this is a travesty. "This is an outrage. You should be ashamed of yourself." says one passerby, offering his dudely opinion during an interview with DePape, of which he was no part of. These are the same dudes, mind you, who are all "Freedom of speech!!!" when anyone gets close to their pornography, or their strip clubs or cracking down on Johns or saying that, you know, women should be conscious to provide consent throughout sexual activity and whatnot. And these dudes say this shit without a hint of irony. I just don't get it. Where are your fucking priorities, people? What the fuck is wrong with you? This is your country too! Do all you dudes out there hate women that much that all you care about is humiliating, raping, beating and killing them for your gratification at the expense of everything else? Are your sick porno fantasies so dear to you that you'll fight tooth and nail for them, but not for an egalitarian society where everything will be better for everyone?

Fact is, this kid is fighting for that egalitarian society, for AND in spite of dudes that would see her abused and dead. That's REAL bravery, just as much as it took to stand there and wage her protest in the House. This kid is a hero, not just for what she did, but for what she has to believe in to do it. She believes that we deserve better, that we can do better, if we all band together and demand a government that will put us as a populace ahead of their own selfish interests. That womens' rights and environmental care will take us into the future over financing weapons of war and big business. Can we afford to let her message go unheard and unregarded? Can we as a society afford NOT to wake up and start seeing our similarities instead of our differences? Can men stop killing women in the name of their sick sexual gratification so we can get some fucking work done and save this country we're in? This kid thinks so. Do YOU want to let a young activist down? I don't.


  1. That was awesome! Man, that was brave of her to do that; now that's what I call democracy. Hmm, I think I feel like joining in on an uprising, how about you?

  2. Hey, I'm all for civil disobedience if it'll accomplish something beneficial. What we need is to get rid of the general atmosphere of apathy in this country's youth, so that more people can rally against their government like this. The problem, however, is that to most apathetic youth the current status quo and political climate suit them just fine. Think about most if not all dudes you know. Why would any of them want things to change. There are a lot of brainwashed women out there, too. Educating the masses to their own plights is the hardest part. After people are enlightened, following the lead of a brave revolutionary is comparatively easy.