Thursday, 29 December 2011

Potential Of Womens' Only Cabs In NB Gets Dudes MAD!!!!

Not the most graceful post title to be sure, but I'm supposed to be on vacation here, anyways. So, let's get right to it. As usual, here's the link to the CBC story. I'll give you the skinny. This dude in Saint John, David Barnes, realizes that for some women, getting into a cab with a dudely driver can be a scary thing. You're in an enclosed environment with a dude you don't know for an undefined period of time. Alone. No duh that gives lots of women the willies. Especially when you consider how common sexual assault by cab drivers is. So, this dude isn't a feminist. He isn't trying to make a statement. He just noticed how female-only cabs seem to have caught on over in Europe, and probably wants to make a buck or two doing it over here. Because there's nothing like a dude cashing in on the fact that women are afraid of men to really make you aware of the "feminized society" that we live in.

And then there's the comments. And they are BAD. Apparently, just the thought, the mere mention of possibly, maybe, sometime, somewhere starting a female-only cab service in this country is equatable with passing a law that it's now legal to shoot dudes' dicks off after five on Thursdays. Dudes are up in fucking arms about how "misandric" this new service would be. "It'd put male cab drivers out of business!" "How's a dude supposed to get home if the cabs are only picking up chicks?" "You know, one time, Karla Homolka killed a dude, so that proves that dudes aren't the only violent ones!" You know the kind of bullshit that gets spouted by the MRA fucks that mostly populate the CBC comment threads.

But, there was one comment I read that really made my skin crawl and made me realize just what kind of heartless, depraved FUCKWADS are shitting on womens' issues on the CBC. It was a reply to a comment made by someone called FatherJones. (As an aside FatherJones, like Mother Jones? If so, I think that's kinda neat.) Anyways, Jones says:

A dear friend of mine was badly beaten and sexually assaulted by a cab driver. It's sadly not that uncommon. The police didn't really do anything and acted like she deserved it because she had been drinking. It's not just the drivers make women feel unsafe, it's knowing there will be no justice if something does happen that compiles it.

To which one FrancoPwned (lame, dude, just fucking lame) replies:

I say links to the news story or I didn't happen.

And, of course, all the other little misogynists on the CBC just back this dude up wholeheartedly. And all I can think is "... wow, just fucking wow. So THIS is what it's come to." And what if a link was provided? I'm sure this dude would've found some other reason to call Jones a liar. But, he doesn't get what he's really doing here. Because that's the power of dudely dudes. If they want to make something that happened go away, then they just collectively don't believe it. And, poof! It's gone. That's how the legal system works, isn't it? Because no one ever gets convicted! The rapists always get away with it! Jones tells an anecdotal story to illustrate just why women's-only cabs are a good idea, something terrible that happened to his dear friend (or perhaps more, maybe his spouse, maybe his daughter, who knows if he's protecting the victim's identity) and FrancoFuk'd there shits all over it. Because in his mind, that story can't be true. If it were, well that would ruin all his logical dudely arguments, so false it must be! And, true to form, other dudes come out of the woodwork to back him up. And what does that mean? That means that FatherJones, and potentially his dear friend that was assaulted, have to relive all the pain of that incident as well as the pain of probably not being believed the first time around. And Franco just thinks he's fighting the good fight.

Well, I say fuck that. I say that dudes ARE fucking scary, and I don't blame any woman that doesn't want to get into a cab with one, or sit next to one on a bus, or get into an empty elevator with one, or whatever else. I mean, I am a fucking dude, and I'm still scared of them a good ninety-nine percent of the time. So, me, I'm all for women's-only cabs. And women's-only gyms. And whatever else. And I don't think it's "misandric", I think it's just fucking smart. Dudes are shitty. Ladies, stay away from them whenever you can, however you can until you're damn sure that they're safe. And even then, keep your keys handy. Let the hate mail begin. See you all in 2012.

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