Wednesday, 4 January 2012

This Can Only End Well

A while back I wrote about one Brad Trost, a Conservative MP who thought that the Conservatives weren't being Conservative enough when it came to the issue of abortion. As you may recall, Trost was one of the leading characters in the defunding of Planned Parenthood's Canadian arm. Which is what I thought about when I read this.

It's happening here, too. All of those things that everyone wants to believe are only happening in the backwards, hick-ass, bible-belt southern United States are starting to happen up here in Canada. Abortion clinics are being closed all over the place. Wait times are unbelievable. Sometimes, a woman might have to travel to another city to have an abortion. And now, Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth would like to redefine when a fetus is considered to be a full-fledged human being, complete with rights that supersede the rights of the woman carrying said fetus. And, in a textbook case of 'no fucking shit they did', the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada was all 'Fuckin'-A right on, Stephan!'. So, yet another Conservative MP challenging Harpers' as-of-yet unbroken promise to not reopen the abortion debate. Only this gets worse, because as we've seen down in the States, when fetuses get rights, abortion becomes murder, not only in the eyes of evangelical types, but in the eyes of the law, as well. Women who abort their pregnancies, or even miscarry can be charged with a crime, fined or jailed. Don't think for a minute it won't happen here, too.

As stated, Woodworth has beef with the current definition of when a fetus becomes human, and is leading the charge to have the law redefined. He says the current law defining a human being dates back to centuries-old English common law and Parliament has a responsibility to lead a debate on whether it's time to rewrite it. Quote Woodworth:

"Our definition of human being says that a child does not become a human being until the moment of complete birth,"

Ever notice how these dudes seem to hate centuries-old laws when they give women and children any sort of autonomy (which is rare enough), but they got no problem following the centuries-old laws in their magic-bible-storytimebooks? Ah religious types, you infuriate me to no fucking end. Seriously, a caterpillar ain't a butterfly until it busts outta that fucking cocoon, and a baby isn't a baby until it's born. It can't order a pizza in the womb, it can't vote and it can't actually exercise any other rights these evangelical dipshits want to give it. And nobody's being fooled. Joyce Arthur, spokeswoman for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada knows exactly what's up. Quoth her:

"When the anti-abortion movement says they want to reopen the debate, it means they want to recriminalize abortion. That's really what it's about," 

"When you're talking about giving rights to fetuses, essentially, which is what they're talking about here, obviously that is going to impact abortion rights."

So, yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking, too. Shit is getting bad, folks. I saw this coming. There's a butt-ton of Conservative MP's out there who want abortion to be a criminal offense again. And I believe that even if Harper doesn't reopen the debate, he thinks that if should be a criminal offense as well. These backbenchers will just keep coming out of the woodwork, probably on the Prime Ministers' orders and whipping the evangelicals into more of a frenzy than they're usually in. Evangelicals and pro-lifers are loud. And that's a problem. Because if they stay loud for long enough, well Harper might just decide that (much to his fake chagrin) he has to reopen the debate, if only to calm the masses. We have to get the Conservatives out of power in the next election. Speak for womens' rights with your votes. Support womens' safety with your votes. I know the next election is a long way off, but get organized now. Talk to people, get them on board. If you're not a voter, or not registered, do it. Religious people, racists and sexists are already mad good at voting. That's why so much of this shit happens. So, if anyone like-minded is reading this, and you're NOT at the very least voting against the bad guys, then please, I implore you to get active to at least this level. You'll be happy you did. And you've got time to do it. Now is the time, before things can get any worse.

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