Wednesday, 11 January 2012

(Minor) Inquiry Update 3

RCMP could have done more in Pickton probe

Yeah. No shit.

However, it's not like the VPD did any better on their side of the investigation. At least the fact that both the RCMP and VPD were wasting their time squabbling with each other, rather than arresting a serial rapist and murderer has come to light. Although, no one really seems to be paying attention to that. So, I'm just going to save everyone a lot of trouble and lay out what happened right here:

Both police forces knew Pickton was guilty. Both police forces couldn't give two shits about the victims. Both police forces had separate but equal information that could've led to a timelier arrest of Robert Pickton. However, I believe each police force wanted the other force to do all the work, without the sharing of each of their respective information and each force wanted credit for the collar, even if they weren't the ones who actually caught the bad guy. So, the endless fighting between municipal and federal police let Pickton rape and murder forty-nine women before he was caught. And the police still don't care about the victims. They just want to come out of this looking as good as they possibly can. And they most likely will. The longer this inquiry goes on for, the less media attention it will receive and eventually the populace at large will forget about this case altogether, until the conclusion of the inquiry, whereupon one or two people will get a slap on the wrist and the VPD and RCMP can go back to ignoring crime against women as usual.

Fuck all of you officers who were too busy worrying about your egos and reputations, and not giving the slightest shit about the growing number of dead and missing prostituted women in your midst.

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